Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Non-finite Verbs

Dear readers,

In my previous post I discussed finite verbs .In this post I propose to discuss non-finite verbs .Finite verbs . as you have seen , provide information about the number and person of the subject and the tense of the sentence .Non-finite verbs ,on the contrary, merely give idea of the action Look at these sentences :

1Little Johnny wants to play .

2I let her go .

3She has written a poem .

4They are playing tennis .

Thus non-finite verbs come in various forms In sentence1 it comes in the form of to-infinitive In sentence2 it comes in the form of bare infinitive .in sentence3 it comes in the form of past participle and in sentence 4 it comes in the form of present participle .

I will discuss to- infinitive in detail in my next post

Thank you

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