Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Question Tags for Imperative Sentences

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An imperative sentence , as you know, is a sentence that makes a request or a command The subject of an imperative is often omitted . It is because the subject is always the second person pronoun "you" .I am giving below a few examples for imperative sentences :

1. Shut the door .

2. Get out of here!

3. Pass the salt , please.

4. Obey my orders.

5. Stop smoking.

The question tag or tag question that goes with imperative sentences normally is "will you ?""


1. Shut the window , will you?

2 Stop talking, will you?.

3 Help me , please, will you?

4. Bring me a glass of water, will you ?

5. Don't be cruel to him, will you?

Dear readers , the concluding part of my lessons on question tags will be published in my next post .

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  1. Sorry to say sir, will you comes to some imperatives only