Thursday, November 19, 2009

Verbs followed by Gerunds

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While speaking and writing English , you may have come across situations in which one verb follows another as its object . In such situations you may have to choose either to-infinitive or gerund

In today's post I propose to give a list of very commonly used verbs which are followed by gerunds ,along with illustrative sentences :

1 avoid

You should avoid making friends with bad people .

2 consider

I will condider accepting your offer .

3 delay

Don't delay seeing a doctor anymore !

4 dislike

I dislike talking with opinionated people .

5 enjoy

I enjoy listening to good music .

6 finish

She has finished cooking

7 imagine

I can't imagine doing such a wicked thing .

8 keep

She kept singing though her time was up .

9 mind

I don't mind vacating my seat for you .

10 stop

It stopped raining

Please remember that phrasal verbs end in preposition or adverb particles and hence they are followed by gerunds

1 Don't put off meeting a good doctor !

2 He gave up drinking .

3 She went on dancing though she was tired.

4 I look forward to seeing you soon .

5 She left off reading when I entered the room .

N.B verbs confess and admit are often followed by preposition+ gerund

She confessed to knowing little about current events

He admitted to having a secret relationship with that girl .

Enough for gerunds!

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